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Miri-Arab Madrassah

Miri-Arab Madrassah

Miri-Arab Madrassah

Active Miri-Arab Madrassah is located opposite to Kaiyan Mosque. This is one of the most esteemed spiritual Islamic universities on the post-Soviet territory. It was constructed at the Shaybanids in the 16th century in account of trophies the nephew of Shaybani-khan, Ubaidallah-khan (died in 1539) took. Khan gave them to his teacher and head of Bukhara Muslims Miri-Arab ("Prince of Arabs"). The last came from Yemen and was a pupil of Khodja Akhrar. Madrassah has traditional layout-two floors of hudjras surround four-aivan courtyard.

Classrooms occupy three corners of the building. The fourth belongs to necropolis of Ubaidallah-khan and Miri-Arab. The khan's tomb with wooden gravestone in the Yemen style is located at the foot of Sheikh Miri-Arab's tomb. The portal in the middle of the facade has semi-octahedral arch. Mosque and gurkhana with domes on high cylindrical drums are behind two-storied loggias of the facade. The external decor is formed by carved mosaics of vegetative ornaments and Sulth scripts.

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