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Youth wing

In accordance with the decree of the joint Congress of the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” and the National Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Fidokorlar”, a new Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” (short official name - DPUz “Milliy Tiklanish”) was formed on the basis of the two parties.

On August 11, 2008, the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” was re-registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan (the certificate No. 194-P). The “Youth wing” of DPUz “Milliy Tiklanish” was established for the general promotion and implementation of the program objectives and tasks of the party among the youth, as well as engaging them in the ranks of the party.

Founding Conference of the “Youth wing” of the party was held on April 15, 2009. About 106 thousand of more than 200 thousand party members are youth.


Basic goals:

- ensuring active participation of youth in building an open democratic state of law based on free market economy, formation of foundations of a just civil society, improving people’s living standards to the level of developed countries, to promote the attainment of the country of a worthy place in the international community;

- introduction of the idea of national independence in the consciousness of youth, formation of their ideological immunity to hindering the development of society to various kinds of harmful trends and ideas, education in the spirit of national customs, values and traditions, as well as respect for the language, customs and traditions of all nations and nationalities residing in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, full support of the motherland patriots, responsible and open-minded, talented youth;

- implementation of a large-scale propaganda and agitation work aimed at formation of a sense of youth involvement in the reforms undertaken in various spheres of the country.

Main objectives:

“The youth wing”, following the principle “from a strong state – to a strong civil society”:

- encourages young people to actively participate in formation of a just civil society based on national traditions and universal values;

- provides direct active participation of youth in the process of election to the party organs at all levels, to nominate candidates for representative governing bodies, expressing their opinions, introducing suggestions on issues discussed at party meetings, implementation of the program objectives;

- forward creative ideas among young people and develop practical proposals and comments on their implementation in life.

Regional youth forums aimed at upbringing developed youth in the spirit of love for the motherland and devotion to its people, awakening in the minds of young people a broad understanding of national values and traditions, friendship, harmony and unity between people of different nationalities are being held under the motto “Peace and stability guarantee of the progress of the country”. “National folk games” festivals are being held for educating young people on the basis of a healthy lifestyle, engaging in sports and a healthy atmosphere among them. 

The “Youth wing” is organizing various competitions, seminars, “round tables”, as well as youth actions on themes such as: “The socio-economic and political processes in Uzbekistan in the youth view”, “The negative impact of “mass culture” in the minds of youth: problems and their solutions”, youth action under the motto “I am learning the history of my motherland” on “Landscaped regions of a free country” that are aimed at awakening in young people of a sense of involvement in the current political processes, development and enrichment of their political consciousness and thinking.

Summer and winter training seminars are established and being regularly organized on “Issues of introduction of modern political technologies in activities of the “youth wing” of DPUz “Milliy Tiklanish” in order to further enhance political knowledge of leaders and members of the “Youth wing”, development of leadership skills, development of new mechanisms of promoting party ideas when working with young people, use of modern methods of mutual exchange of experience.

Competitions for the best article on “The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan – the guarantor of formation of a legal state and civil society” are being organized and held in order to improve the legal culture of youth, achieving the rule of law in society, ensure the participation of youth in formation of a democratic society.


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