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In accordance with the decree of the joint Congress of the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” and the National Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Fidokorlar”, a new Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” was formed on the basis of the two parties (short official name — DPUz “Milliy Tiklanish”).

On August 11, 2008, the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” was re-registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan (the certificate No. 194-P).

On December 18, 2008 the “Women’s wing” was established at the general meeting of women activists of the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish”.

The “Women’s wing” of the party is founded under the Councils of DPUz “Milliy Tiklanish” of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions, Tashkent city, as well as all cities and districts which work effectively in improving the socio-political activity of women at places and increasing their numbers in the ranks of the party.

The party has about 198797 members in its ranks. Of these, 96375 are women.


Basic goals:

- raising the level of legal, economic, political knowledge and spiritual potential of women.
- formation and promotion of healthy lifestyle, strengthening a sense of confidence in women, increasing their social status;
- preparing young girls for family life, perfect motherhood, based on national traditions and spiritual values;

Main objectives:

- development of specific proposals, plans and programs of measures on implementation of the program objectives and tasks of the party relating to the activities of women and ensuring their implementation;

- educating women in a sense of national pride, loyalty to country, respect for national values, enhancing their social and political activity, direction of their activities into the mainstream of great and noble deeds, as well as assist them in gaining their rightful place in family and society in the future;- wide promotion of women's national values and ideas of building a legal democratic state and civil society, actively participate in the development of the party's ideological system aimed at realization of these goals with the participation of women;

- implementation of specific targeted interventions of spiritual and educational, moral and ethical, educational value for the protection of women's consciousness against various extremist ideas, trends in cooperation with scientists-orientalists, Islamic scholars and religious organizations;

- organization and coordination of educational and outreach work among women on implementation of the program goals and objectives, broad promotion of party ideas in the mass media, and if necessary — organization of press conferences;

- protection and support of family, motherhood and childhood, social and moral support for the disabled, the elderly living alone, organization of psychological and legal consultations for women.

The “Women’s wing” of DPUz “Milliy Tiklanish”, based on the goals and objectives of the Party Program, competitions are held under the motto: “Initiative and intellectual potential — the criterion of political leadership” in order to support the legal and political initiatives of active women with high knowledge and skills, as well as creation of conditions for highly qualified, aspiring to innovations women for showing their talent. The competition consists of three stages, which may be involved by women under 20, taking an active part in social and political life of the country, members of DPUz “Milliy Tiklanish”.

In 2009, during this competition, the number of participants and supporters were more than 3000 people then in 2010, when the competition involved more than 5000 participants and supporters.

Women’s forums under the slogan: “Independence — the greatest happiness” are conducted in order to support talented and active women engaged in creativity and working in different spheres of the country, organization of shows of their work samples, as well as improving their social status and their inspirations, through support in issues of employment.

Scientific and practical conferences and seminars are being held on the following themes: “The role of women in family and society: legal guarantees and their implementation”, “Woman and Law”, “Woman and politics”, “The role of women in spiritual and educational development”, “The role of political parties in enhancing political and legal knowledge of women” in order to organize propaganda and agitation work among women on implementation of program goals and objectives, increasing the number of women in the ranks of the party, which are also aimed at improving the socio-political and legal literacy of women.

“Round tables”, meetings on “Maternal and child healthcare — as a priority task in social policy of Uzbekistan”, “Healthy lifestyle — the guarantor of health”, “Local customs and traditions in family relations”, “The value of marriage contracts in ensuring the strength of young families” are held in order to strengthen the institution of family, which is the basic unit of society, ensuring implementation of laws aimed at protecting motherhood and childhood, enhancing the spiritual potential of young families and ensuring their durability, identification of new approaches on assisting in prevention and resolution of social problems in family.


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