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More than 239 thousand foreign tourists visited Samarkand this year 15.11.2018

More than 239 thousand foreign tourists visited Samarkand this year

According to the department for tourism development of Samarkand region, over the past period this year, 1 million 560 thousand local and more than 239 thousand foreign tourists visited Samarkand.

An analysis of the geography of foreign tourists showed that 9.4 thousand tourists from South Korea visited the city, 8.3 thousand came from Japan, 6.3 thousand from France, from Germany – 5.5 thousand, from Italy – 5.4 thousand, from Spain – 4.5 thousand, and 3.9 thousand from Turkey.

The majority of foreign tourists are citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries – 76.3 thousand people, from Central Asian countries – 49.6 thousand people.

Uzbekistan attracts Malaysia and Indonesia with its pilgrimage tourism. 1.6 thousand Malaysians and 1.7 thousand Indonesians visited Uzbekistan this year.

On the other end of the world, there are also those who want to see Samarkand. Therefore, this year 800 pilgrims from Brazil and Australia visited the city, and more than 1000 tourists from Canada came to Uzbekistan to see the unique architectural monuments and enjoy the nature of the country.


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