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Democratic party of Uzbekistan

“Milliy Tiklanish”



Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan who have reached 18 years of age, sharing its goals and objectives, complying with its Regulations and taking an active part in its activities may become members of the Democratic Party “Milliy Tiklanish”.
Membership in the Party — individual, voluntary, fixed.
Admission to the Party is decided by the meeting of the primary party organization on the basis of a written application of citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Admission to the party can be executed by relevant district (city) organizations of the Party.
The party membership card confirms membership in the Party.
Membership in the Party is incompatible with membership in other parties.


Party member have the right to:
- participate in the development of program and other documents of the Party;
- participate in events organized by the party organizations at various levels;
- elect and be elected to the governing bodies of the Party;
- be nominated by the party in the manner prescribed by the legislation as a candidate for President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, deputies of representative body of the government;
- be recommended as the representative of the party in public associations, non-profit organizations and foundations, acting in accordance with the legislation;
- freely express opinions, discuss issues on activities of the Party, submit proposals either orally or in the written form;
- apply to any authority of the Party on any question and get an answer on the merits;
- receive information about the activities of the Party and its elected bodies;
- conduct activities on engaging new members in the Party.

Party member may also have other rights in accordance with the legislation.

Party members must:
- comply with the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, laws, moral principles and moral norms of society;
- implement the Program and the requirements of the Regulation of the Party, strictly comply with the party discipline;
- execute the decisions of the governing bodies of the Party;
- protect the interests of the Party, to promote its ideas, goals and objectives and to actively participate in their implementation;
- take a personal part in the activities of the Party, to prove membership in the Party by actions and deeds, to achieve growth of its prestige and influence among the population;
- timely pay membership fees;
- get registered in the party at the new place of residence.


Tashkent, Chilonzor district, st. Chilonzor, 53


(8-371) 239-45-77, (8-371) 239-45-53


(8-371) 277-14-94



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