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Pre-election Platform (Program of actions) of the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish”

After the independence, that has awakened our national identity, pride and honor, sense of self-esteem, returning us the native language, our religion, values and traditions, restored the ancient roots of national statehood, established and strengthened political, legal, socio-economic and spiritual foundations of its revival and further development in new historical conditions. The country has established and is successfully developing the democratic system of state governing bodies and administration. Fundamental principles of democracy are being provided, people became the only source of the state power and the true creator of the future.

All necessary organizational, legal and institutional conditions for the formation of Uzbekistan into modern industrialized county and entering it in a number of economically and industrially developed countries of the world are created.

Along with strengthening the foundations of national statehood and market economy, the principle “from strong state to strong civil society” is being implemented. The country has established a legal framework for the active participation of political parties and other civil society institutions in the process of social and state construction. Mechanisms for expressing by political parties of the will of the electorate and their participation in government are being consistently improved.

The party believes that for moving forward, in addition to effective political system and competitive economy, a rich spiritual foundation, high legal and political culture in society, awareness of who we were and who we have become today, what the priceless heritage we are, are required.

In this regard, the party pays special attention to the issue of national revival. Under the national revival, the party understands the revival and strengthening of the national consciousness. National consciousness plays a leading role in the progress of the country, awakening feelings of love for the motherland and upbringing of comprehensively developed person.

National consciousness begins with the study of history. Without studying the history, one cannot become aware of himself. People with historical experience of national statehood, culture and spirituality are capable of national revival. Through the national consciousness and national revival, we successfully implement the objectives in socio-political, socio-economic and other spheres.

Therefore, the main goal of the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” is realization of the idea of national revival, ensuring sustainable national development, protection and promotion of national interests in all spheres of political, social, humanitarian life of the country, preservation and enhancement of national, cultural and spiritual values, rich historical heritage, customs and traditions of the people of Uzbekistan.

An important task of the party is further increasing the image and prestige of Uzbekistan in the international arena – the country that is Home of great scientists and thinkers, with huge, unique resources, economic and intellectual potential.

Based on the above, the party represents the interests and unites patriots loyal to the idea of national independence, respecting cultural, traditional, national and spiritual values of the people of Uzbekistan, who, in the end, are an integral part of the world’s tangible and intangible heritage. This, above all, representatives of the creative intelligentsia, folk arts and crafts, cultural workers, art and information sphere, patriotic young people, as well as every citizen supporting the idea of conservation and enhancement of national and spiritual values, historical and cultural heritage of the country.

“Our goal – through the national revival – to a modern developed democratic society!” – is the main political slogan of the party.

I. Objectives in socio-political sphere

For solving program arrangements in socio-political sphere, the party will implement the following tasks:

– approval in the system of political relations of the priority of national ideology principle, moral and spiritual foundations of our society;

– strengthening the unity of people, all citizens of Uzbekistan, regardless of nationality, religion, social status and origin. Interethnic solidarity of citizens of Uzbekistan, patriotism, a sense of ownership and responsibility for the fate of the country should be the result of strengthening democracy, building a democratic state and strong civil society, ensuring the effective protection of the interests of people, preservation and augmentation of cultural values, customs and traditions, rich historical heritage, development of ideas of national revival and progress of the motherland;

– further improvement of “Makhalla” institution, strengthening its institutional and economic foundations, strengthening its role as an institution of civil society, ensuring the participation of citizens in addressing issues of local importance, as well as in revival and enhancement of national and spiritual values, local customs and traditions.

II. Tasks in spiritual and educational sphere

The party considers the further deepening of reforms in spiritual and educational sphere as the most important task of the party.

The party has always paid and will pay great attention to issues of growing national consciousness, strengthening the sense of national pride and honor. Answers to questions such as “Who are we? Who are our ancestors? Due to what our nation has exalted and became known all over the world?” – will always be on the focus of the party.

The party taking an active part in the processes of national and spiritual revival stands for:

– strengthening, in the context of implementation of the idea of “High spirituality – an invincible force”, national traditions and values, modernization of the country and establishing a democratic state of law as the driving forces of the National revival and national identity in the twenty-first century;

– Promoting careful preservation, enrichment and enhancement of historical, cultural and intellectual heritage, exploring the rich history and culture of Uzbek people, wide propaganda of its achievements among the younger generation, awakening deep respect for the historical heritage and national traditions;

– organizing a broad systematic study of history of Uzbekistan, based on the principles of historicism and objectivity, avoiding unilateral approaches, dogmatism in evaluating the historical past and present of the Uzbek people, the struggle against the falsification, distortion of the history of Uzbekistan, making available of objective information about the historical past of Uzbekistan to the wider international community. People, who are not proud of their history, cannot see their perspective;

– implementation of effective measures on protection of cultural monuments, historic image of cities of Uzbekistan, preservation and restoration of historical sites, architectural monuments that are the heritage of all mankind;

– further encouraging the revival and development of national crafts, distinguished by their high aesthetic qualities, preserving traditions of ancient art schools;

– educating youth in the spirit of idea of national revival, respect the national culture and values, in order to protect against the ingress of negative impact of “mass culture” alien to our people, the consciousness of youth by providing the organization of television and radio programs, attracting youth in information-resource centers, organizing mass trips of students of educational institutions for familiarizing with objects of cultural and historical heritage of the country, open days in theaters, visiting exhibitions promoting young people to receive visual information about the history and culture of Uzbekistan;

– development and implementation of projects based on national values of Uzbek people such as generosity, hospitality, mutual respect, tolerance, kindness and compassion, which are important in ensuring identity of our nation, development of its spiritual and stability in society;

– implementation of comprehensive measures on further enriching and improving the state language, aimed at improving the language of culture, culture of communication, carrying out purposeful work against violations of existing scientific rules and norms of the Uzbek literary language in the public sphere;

– education, first of all, of the younger generation in the spirit of traditions of love and respect for the book, increasing the interest in printed products, creation of economic incentives, tax and other preferences for authors of works, printing and publishing houses producing books on history, spiritual and cultural heritage of people Uzbekistan, strengthening relations between creative organizations, publishers and educational institutions on joint activities in this direction;

– establishment and development of centers of enlightenment that promote increasing spirituality of people, first of all – youth, enhancing rich information-library fund of the National Library named after Alisher Navoi;

– wide propaganda of achievements in culture and art of people of Uzbekistan on the international arena, production and dissemination among the international community of film production covering the life and activities of great statesmen, military leaders, representatives of science, culture, literature and art, who lived and worked on the land of modern Uzbekistan and made significant contribution to the development of world civilization;

– improving the effectiveness of artistic images that serve as a spiritual example for young people who play a decisive role and have a great importance in educating young generation in the spirit of national idea, courage and firmness;

– development of programs of informing the international community about the achievements of Uzbekistan in socio-political, socio-economic, cultural and spiritual spheres, including the use of capacities of national and leading foreign mass media;

– further growth of the spiritual world and cultural level of children, creation of necessary conditions for attaching them to the best samples of national and world music culture;

– depth study, development of not only national but also many areas of world music art, conquest by our artists, especially young singers and musicians of prizes at prestigious international competitions and festivals;

– further improving the lifestyle of people, especially villagers, increasing their culture, in particular, in manifestation of comprehensive care of youth.

In formation and elevation of a kind of spirituality of each nation, of course, plays a big role and has the effect of family. We believe that if the family is healthy, then society will be strong, if society is strong, the country is stable.

The party as important sources of constant reproduction of spiritual values in society considers the ethical traditions of family, such as respect for elders, mutual assistance, and childcare. In this regard, the party sets itself such tasks as:

– assistance conducted in the country for large-scale work on strengthening family and family values, strengthening care of young families, providing them with legal and social protection, creation of necessary conditions for formation of a healthy and strong family;

– promoting the establishment of all necessary and favorable conditions for the birth and upbringing of physically healthy and harmoniously developed rising generation;

– contributing to overcoming negative manifestations, still having place in social life of a family (conducting pompous weddings and other wasteful activities).

The party considers its duty to bring up well-educated, freethinking young people with the ability to express their views on the national ideology, proving with their actions, a way of life faithful to the national spiritual values, ideas of patriotism and humanism.

III. Objectives in the sphere of further democratization of judicial-legal sphere

The party believes that forward movement of society towards democracy and success of democratic reforms largely depends on the level of legal awareness and legal culture of people.

In this regard, the party as its main task in judicial-legal sphere sees the achievement of citizens of high legal culture, which is the foundation of a democratic society and an indicator of maturity of the legal system. From time immemorial, in our country, a legal culture was considered as an integral part of the general culture. Therefore, the party seeks to strengthen the mentality of people of Uzbekistan, which is traditionally characterized by respect for the law, the will of the state. We are convinced that every citizen not only has to know the laws, but also respect them, consciously follow the written requirements in their state, as respect for the law is one of the basic requirements of the rule of law, effective functioning of political and legal system.

With this in mind, as well as modern political and legal realities, the party considers it important to adopt the system of measures aimed at cardinal improvement of legal education and enlightenment in the country, promotion of legal knowledge in society.

Along with this, the most important priorities of the party is introduction into proceedings of such institutions that reflect peculiarities of national traditions and customs of people of Uzbekistan, such noble qualities like compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and humanity. In this regard, the party considers it necessary to:

– continue the policy on further liberalization and humanization of criminal legislation, decriminalization of certain formulations of criminal acts;

– introduce the institute of reconciliation in administrative proceedings;

– implement into national law of modern institutions of criminal law, that are widely used in international practice, in particular expand the order of criminal cases on individual compositions of offenses only with the statement of the victim;

– develop the system of pre-trial resolution of family, inheritance, housing and other domestic disputes, including through the use of the role of makhalla taking into account inherent to our people the desire for a peaceful resolution of all conflicts and search for compromise, as well as lack of desire to carry burdensome litigation.

IV. Tasks in the sphere of economy

The main aim of the party in the sphere of economy is formation of a strong national economy, able to compete on the international market with quality domestic goods and services, promote the state policy on the entry of Uzbekistan in the number of economically and industrially developed countries of the world.

The party traditionally supports the country’s ongoing policy on effective support of domestic producers, implementation of an offensive foreign policy strategy implemented by Uzbekistan in accordance with the national interests. The party in every way will support and take an active part in:

– the adoption of system targeted measures on promoting products labeled “Made in Uzbekistan” on the world markets through the comprehensive support of domestic producers, aimed at production of import-substituting products, including through the use of tax and customs privileges and preferences, providing benefits and other forms of state support;

– further enhancing the efficiency of domestic industry through its technical, technological modernization, reduction of non-productive costs, introduction of new and modern technologies, as well as providing benefits for taxes and obligatory payments for promising industries that are operating in the regions of the republic;

– implementation of fiscal policy aimed at balanced development of cities and rural areas, the center and the regions of the country, overcoming the regional disparities in economic and social development, alignment of conditions and quality of life of people in different regions of the country;

– protection of the national market from importing goods (works, services) with poor quality, inconsistent with international standards and strengthening the legal foundations of formation of a favorable investment climate;

– ensuring the needs of our people, youth in the modern and high-quality clothing of domestic production, increasing in the number of textile enterprises of mobile profile;

– strengthening the positions of the two largest national carriers – the National Air company “Uzbekistan Airways” and State joint-stock railway company “Uzbekistan Railways” in internal and external markets.

However, at this stage, the party will pay special attention to the development of tourism as an effective means of creating a positive image of the country in the international arena by promoting the unique spiritual wealth and historical heritage of people of Uzbekistan, its recognition by global democratic community as an integral part of the world heritage, as well as education of citizens in a spirit of national pride and patriotism.

Uzbekistan has a rich history and unique cultural and historical heritage, which enable to develop in Uzbekistan of not yet fully involved enormous potential of the tourism industry, to turn the country into one of the centers of world tourism.

Tourism, as a catalyst of economy plays an important role in solving economic and social problems, allowing the creation of additional workplaces, growth of employment of economically active population, improving the welfare of the nation, has a stimulating effect on the development of many related spheres of economic activity, infrastructure, contributes to socio-economic and development of regions, being truly the public sphere, and at the same time a powerful tool for education and formation of moral platform of civil society development.

In this regard, the party proposes to adopt the following measures on promoting tourism, in particular:

– to ensure further development of tourism infrastructure, availability of objects of touristic visits, convenient transportation delivery, hotel service and everything concerning tourist logistics, introduction of modern information technologies in various spheres of the tourism industry services;

– to improve the quality of service rendered to the touristic activity facilities, international airports and train stations, as the most important factor in maintaining the international prestige and attractiveness of our country for foreign guests;

– to adopt measures on further stimulating investment flows directed to the tourism industry, including provision of benefits and preferences for private capital and business, creation of the Fund for reconstruction and capital repair of objects of cultural heritage due to accumulation in it of tax and mandatory payments paid by subjects of touristic activities;

– to improve the efficiency of the national system of training and retraining of personnel in the sphere of tourism with modern management methods, as well as skills of bringing to domestic and foreign tourists of reliable information about the historical past and present of Uzbekistan;

– to take measures on eliminating existing bureaucratic obstacles, formal procedures for foreign and local tourists, simplification of registration procedures of foreign tourists, harmonization of touristic transport;

– to continue Visa policy of the state on simplifying the visa regime, especially for citizens of countries with which long-term strategic partnerships are established and which are potential touristic markets, introduction of interactive public services in the sphere of visa support;

– to create all necessary conditions for a broad development of eco-tourism and other active forms of tourism providing the order of visits to the unique nature territories.

V. Objectives in the social sphere

Improving the quality and comfort of living of the population – the main priority of the party in the social sphere. In this regard, the party for its priorities in the social sphere considers:

– further ensuring food security, improving the structure of nutrition, increasing the production of qualitative and safe domestic food products, limiting the use of genetically modified organisms in food production;

– supporting the sphere of housing construction and infrastructure as priorities of development, promoting further systematic continuation of implementation of housing programs for young families, providing them with loans on a long term basis at a reduced rate;

– using in construction and decoration works of the best foreign experience and traditions of national architecture, implementation of major restoration of projects of historic cities;

– improving the system of public transport, including in remote areas of the country, provision of preferential transport fare for students of professional colleges and academic lyceums;

– creating organizational and legal conditions for expansion of self-employment of the electoral part of the population, primarily women and youth through the development of handicrafts, family business, home-based work;

– increasing budget expenditures on financing development of cultural institutions, childcare centers “Barkamol avlod”, music and art schools, including those in remote rural areas;

– promotion of a high intellectual society on the basis of improving access to higher education on a fee basis, introduction of modern advanced scientific achievements in the educational process, further development of native science, attracting talented, gifted young people in scientific activities;

– expansion of functions and strengthening the material-technical base of activities of civil society institutions, ensuring its independence and autonomy, its effectiveness, especially in solving problems of preservation and development of national progressive customs and traditions, prevention of crime, formation of healthy family environment;

– promoting to increasing contribution of makhalla in addressing issues of spiritual and moral education of citizens, young people, the efficient functioning of the social sphere, ensuring public safety and law enforcement at places, public control over the activities of governing bodies;

– promoting traditions of a healthy lifestyle and a culture of health, developing physically healthy young generation, creation and implementation of conditions for broad involvement of children and youth in regular engagement in sports, as well as revival of national sports;

– promoting further development of a three-stage system of mass attraction of youth to sport – competitions such as “Umid Nihollari”, “Barkamol Avlod” and the Universiade, as well as participation of students in international competitions.

VI. Tasks in the sphere of information provision

Among the priorities of its activity, the party considers its active participation in development of the strategy of development of national information and communication sphere, designed to ensure preservation of cultural identity of the nation in the context of globalization, to create a basis for its secure development, improve the efficiency of production and management processes. On this basis, the main tasks in this sphere the party considers:

– ensuring a high level of access of the population, especially in rural areas, to information, introduction of modern information and communication technologies, in particular through formation of a single national information space;

– within the framework of solving objectives of ensuring national information security, modernization of broadcasting system, expanding the area of confident functioning of the national television and radio programs to all telecommunication space, and above all, in the most remote regions of the country;

– implementation of additional measures ensuring the ongoing development of the national information space, further government support for the National TV and Radio Company, increasing more efficient use of high-tech TV and radio technologies;

– creation of creative, information environment for youth development, protection of children from information harmful to their physical, spiritual and moral development;

– development of national information systems and national information resources, integrating inter-departmental and departmental information systems, in particular development of the national segment of the Internet;

– ensuring state guarantees of following constitutional human and civil rights in the sphere of information, freedom of expression and information, development of independent national mass media, national journalism;

– augmenting the contribution of the mass media in formation of national idea, widespread approval in the mind, spiritual world of each person of our main goal – to establish a free and prosperous life in the country;

– support for talented journalists, with civic responsibility, professional desire to always go with the times and raise the most actual problems, paying attention to them by the general public, who can all devote themselves to the future of the motherland, principles of human rights and freedoms strengthening in our lives, justice and truth;

– formation of “transparency index” system for monitoring the activities of the state governing bodies and administration, greater involvement in this process of civil society institutions.

VII. Challenges in foreign political sphere

The party proceeds from the fact that the foreign policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the first days of independence was based on the principles of priority of the national interests, non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, resolution of all disputes by peaceful means, the sovereign equality of countries, non-use of force or threat by force, inviolability of borders and strict compliance with other rules of international law.

The party is deeply aware that the implementation of the main goals and objectives of foreign policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan is provided today in difficult conditions of preserving security and stability threats.

The party stands for an active foreign policy aimed at:

– firm defense of national interests;

– wide propaganda of achievements of culture and art of people of Uzbekistan, formation of a positive image of Uzbekistan in the international arena;

– ensuring full protection of the rights and interests of citizens and legal entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad;

– providing an effective response of information expansion with other states;

– broad diversification of economic, technological, transport and other relations of Uzbekistan in order to reduce dependence on individual partners or groups of countries;

– strengthening the international image of the country as a reliable, responsible political and trade-economic partner.

The party believes that problems of Central Asia should be solved by the countries of the region without intervention of external forces and stands for the use of political, diplomatic, international and legal mechanisms, including measures of preventive diplomacy, for the timely resolution of existing or emerging problems, preventing conflicts in the region of Central Asia.

The party supports the policy of the state in addressing water and energy issues and notes the need for the rational and equitable use of water resources of transboundary rivers in Central Asia on the basis of universally recognized norms of international law, in particular the UN Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes (Helsinki, 1992 ) and Convention on the Law of the non-navigational uses of International Watercourses (New York, 1997), taking into account the interests of all states in the region. The party believes that construction of large hydropower plants on rivers in the region should be carried out only after a mandatory objective international expertise for their impact on the ecological and socio-economic security in the region.

The party will support the government policy for the revival of the ancient transport route of human civilization – the Great Silk Road, which unites East and West, which has become a milestone in the institutional strengthening and expansion of political, economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation, as well as promotion of a strong brand – “Great Silk Road”.

The party advocates for the revitalization of public diplomacy, including by taking measures on improving activities of the Council of societies of friendship and cultural-educational relations of Uzbekistan with foreign countries on strengthening friendship and cooperation with peoples of the world, the compatriots living abroad, public awareness of foreign countries with the history and culture of people of Uzbekistan.

The party will do everything possible to strengthen the links with the International Olympic Committee in order to include Uzbek wrestling – Kurash, embodying national values, courage and boldness, the ideas of patriotism and humanism, among the Olympic Games.

Our main idea is dedication to the national interests of the motherland to return all of their knowledge and creative energy in the name of the great future of Uzbekistan.