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Since gaining independence, Uzbekistan has restored the ancient roots of the national statehood, established and strengthened political, legal, socio-economic and spiritual foundations of its revival and further development in the new historical conditions.

Today we can say with confidence that the country fully implemented all the fundamental principles and mandatory attributes of statehood. A democratic system of the state governing system and administration is established.

Along with strengthening of foundations of the national statehood, the principle “from strong state to strong civil society” is being implemented.

Domestic and foreign policy responding the best interests of people, which has become a true creator of the future, is being successfully carried out. Powers have separated into legislative, executive and judicial. Effective bicameral parliament was formed and is functioning. The role of political parties in government and reforming society is strengthening. Entirely new conditions for revitalization of party factions in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis and the party groups in the Kengashes of people’s deputies, including their effective participation in democratization and renewal of society, modernization and reformation of the country, improving the socio-political activity of citizens, expressing their will, have been created. Processes of formation of civil society institutions, directly involved in ensuring the rights, freedoms and lawful interests of citizens, liberalization of the mass media is deepening. Intensive work is being carried out on continuous improvement of the social protection system.

The result of sequential market reform becomes a sustainable economic growth. New sectors of the economy are create and being developed, productivity of labor is increasing. All this together forms the infrastructure base needed to achieve sustainable economic development and growth of the people’s welfare.

Necessary legal framework for active participation of civil society institutions, especially for the practical realization of the main functions of political parties in the process of social and political development has been created in the country. Fully conforming to international standards, it opens up new opportunities for further strengthening the role and authority of political parties, including in the sphere of  public and state administration.

Further progress, in addition to effective political system and competitive economy requires a rich spiritual foundation, the high culture of legal and political relations. Therefore, there is an objective need to further develop the national idea, including those aimed at improving spirituality of a citizen, individual with his own position in relation to the current processes.

However, activities of political parties in this direction does not always meet the requirements, in particular, to the spiritual and educational work aimed at upbringing harmoniously developed person, a patriot of his country.

The main goal of the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” is realization of idea of national revival, ensuring sustainable national development, protection and promotion of national interests in all spheres of political, social, humanitarian life of the country, preservation and enhancement of national, cultural and spiritual values, rich historical heritage, customs and traditions of people of Uzbekistan.

The party advocates for building a legal democratic state and just civil society, ensuring scientific and technological progress and a decent place of Uzbekistan in a globalizing world. It aims to protect the interests of people who are committed to the idea of preserving national traditions and values, which we are proud. This is the main social base of the party. The party is in favor of a consistent, gradual and systematic continuation of started in the years of independence of such noble deeds, as a revival of national values, a deep knowledge of themselves, formation of the national idea and strengthening ideology of national independence, the revival of religious traditions in the spiritual life of people. It is important to raise this work to a new level, to increase its effectiveness.

“Our goal – through the national revival – to a modern developed democratic society!” – is the main political slogan of DP “Milliy Tiklanish”.

Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” sees its mission in struggling for power, winning the maximum number of votes and seats in representative bodies with a view to practical implementation of tasks in the following areas.

I.    General political objectives of the party

The Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” (DPUzMT) supports the path of development of the country based on social cohesion around the national idea – Yurt tinchligi (Peace and tranquility of the motherland), Vatan tarakkiyoti (Progress of the Homeland), Khalk farovonligi (Welfare of people), – part of our cherished dream, our strategy, the essence of a common ideology and a comprehensive program of national reconstruction and development, on the basis of an adequate perception and understanding of citizens of the country of their place and role in the modern world, tactical and strategic goals and objectives of the state, its practical steps for the implementation and protection of national interests in contemporary geopolitical realities.

The party sees the future of Uzbekistan as an economically developed and politically influential state, based on rich spiritual heritage, where the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of a person is guaranteed to be protected.

Uzbekistan should continue to strengthen socio-political stability of the country, inter-ethnic and religious harmony and understanding based on priority of national interests.

Uzbekistan in our vision – is a country developing in a democratic way, based on harmony between the fundamental universal and centuries-old national values of social and spiritual life. Such harmony is designed to help find adequate responses to challenges and threats of the XXI century. The party believes that in order to achieve high standards of advanced countries, Uzbekistan should further consistently deepen socio-economic and socio-political reforms.

This requires a radical increase of responsibility of a citizen, society and the state for the management of society affairs, the fate of reforms, democratization and modernization of the power system, its accountability to society, strengthening the foundations of civil society. Here lies the creative basis of all the construction of a new Uzbek model of statehood, the most priority of which is legal support for further development of the country.

The party is confident that the deep-rooted in the national consciousness and inspiration “Uzbekistan – a country with a great future” is the core idea on which the national identity in Uzbekistan in the twenty-first century is being build and developed.

Uzbekistan of our dream is a country growing by the formula: a free person – a strong civil society – progressive economy – democratic constitutional state.

From these follow specific general political tasks of the Party that are expressed in the need of:

– further deepening of democratic reforms and enrichment of the spiritual sphere, as a prerequisite conditions of qualitative growth of political culture, democratic consciousness, thinking of people;

– providing conditions for joining the state governing bodies and administration of all levels of people with high moral, professional qualities and responsibility for the fate of the country and people, with developed patriotic consciousness;

– eradication of greed, corruption, parochialism and nepotism, bureaucracy, callousness to the needs of citizens and other negative phenomena in the activities of public administration by bringing public attention to these problems, strengthening social control, wide and effective use of powers of political parties and their factions in parliament, as well as deputy groups in local representative bodies of state power;

– further development of civil society institutions, ensuring freedom of speech as one of the most effective means of protection of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests;

– supporting and protection of moral, spiritual and religious values traditional for Uzbekistan;

– further development of the institute of makhalla and other forms of civil society, inherent in the national-social self-organization of the population;

– further cohesion of all citizens of Uzbekistan, regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliation, around a common national goal, state symbols and national pride;

– consolidation of all social groups and strata of the population in solution of problems on continuous spiritual improvement as the base of growing of society well-being, people’s welfare and protection of their interests

The party believes that during implementation of democratic reforms, political and economic modernization of the country greatly increases the role and importance of public service. This is due, mainly, to the progressive complexity of functions of state governing bodies, which requires them to provide highly professional and responsible personnel. Proceeding from this, the state must follow the path of formation of a highly qualified body of civil servants, for whom serving their homeland – Uzbekistan is a matter of honor and a prestigious profession. The party believes that for admission to the civil service, these employees must take an oath of loyalty to Uzbekistan, the ideals of independence.

In this context, the main political principles, which are followed by the party, are PATRIOTISM, NATIONAL SOLIDARITY, DEMOCRACY, NATIONAL INTERESTS, TOLERANCE and SPIRITUALITY.

II. Objectives of the party in spiritual and educational sphere

Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” considers the deepening of spiritual and moral education and enlightenment as the most important task of the whole society and the state in the process of national revival. The party is convinced that a solution to this fundamental task makes it possible to carry out radical changes in society and development of human potential. The most important task of the Party in this regard should become strengthening in minds of citizens of a sense of national pride and dignity. This – the values that the vast majority of the population lives, including young people, and that need to be used in building a democratic state and strong civil society.

The party strongly supports the concept that the spiritual and moral basis of society is a national idea, which has a concentrated content and reflects transmitted for centuries from generation to generation social values and ideas rooted in the hearts of every person and of all the people living on the sacred Uzbek land, turned in his spiritual and moral needs and demands of life, reflecting his dreams and aspirations, goals and expectations. The Party will fully contribute to the unity of people on the basis of the national idea and for the great future, prompting citizens to be patriotic and responsible for the destiny of their country.

In this regard, the party believes that patriotism today – is not only an internal readiness to defend the country from external enemies, but also a deep conscious determination to combat negative social phenomena, social vices. A true patriot has to think first about the welfare of the whole people. Reproduction and strengthening patriotism promotes also a fair rule of law, developed social consciousness, which ideologically justify patriotism, and awakens noble sentiments and moral impulse in man. Patriots are called up to not only protect the security of society and the state, but also to take care of people’s well-being, which depends on the effectiveness of social policy and of material factors, such as ensuring high level, quality and duration of life, targeted support for needy members of society and others.

The party also expresses confidence that in such multi-ethnic country like Uzbekistan, the national idea should be a fundamental reference point in strengthening social and inter-ethnic harmony, serve as a solid platform for social and political construction. It must, first of all, become stronger in the minds of masses, especially embrace the youth, ultimately, and attract all the patriotic sectors of the population.

It is the triumph of the national idea extends the opportunity of preservation of the national and social cohesion of Uzbekistan, strengthening its place and status in the global political and economic space. The party is confident that this process will contribute to national revival in Uzbekistan.

The national mentality of our people was formed for centuries and is always based on fundamental ideas of justice, service to the ideals of kindness, mercy and compassion. In present circumstances the society, the state and the law must harmoniously combine these values with modern understanding of human rights. This will ensure that the idea of national revival of Uzbekistan will become a powerful engine of progress with preservation and further development of national identity and culture of the Uzbek people, creation of real preconditions for implementation of a breakthrough strategy for the future of Uzbekistan.

The main principle of national revival in our understanding – this is the principle of unity of tradition and progress. That unity, not the opposition.

We must strive to maintain own social and cultural identity, national revival supplying spiritual power. It is important to remember that the process of national revival are not only among the Uzbeks, while active processes of self-awareness, ethno cultural starts are also going among representatives of other nationalities residing in Uzbekistan.

The party is committed to pay special attention to the creation of conditions for further national and spiritual revival and development of all ethnic groups in Uzbekistan, for each one of them carries a unique feature, which enriches our national and world culture. The party is deeply aware that love for the nation, the independent Uzbekistan – our common motherland, and responsibility for its future ensure concentration of efforts for solving common problems, it gives meaning to our movement to the rise of the nation.

Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” unlike other parties has always paid great attention to issues of the growth of national consciousness among people, strengthening the sense of national pride and honor. Answers to questions such as “Who are we? Who are our ancestors? By what exalt our nation has become known around the world? What are the possibilities of entering the world arena today? If we intend to build a state with a great future, what are the vital preconditions?” – will always be at the center of attention of the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish”.

The Party believes that the universal content of spiritual culture is based on advanced national forms, so the national revival is the revival of spirituality of the whole people.

Along with understanding of spiritual and moral values of traditional values of people of Uzbekistan, the party believes that the actual problems of sequential and progressive development of the country cannot be solved without use of achievements of modern civilization, without intellectual openness, without creative integration with systems of global science and education.

The party, fully supporting and taking an active part in the process of national spiritual revival will advocate for:

– creation of favorable conditions for active spiritual, educational and charitable activities;

– realization of effective measures for the protection of cultural monuments, historical image of Uzbekistan cities, preservation and restoration of historical sites and monuments;

– in-depth study and analysis of the history of our national statehood, countable for thousands of years, as well as restored on the basis of modern principles of development of Uzbek statehood, scientific and theoretical substantiation of the main goals of renewal of society and modernization of the country, awareness of invaluable contribution of our ancestors to the development of world science, extracting necessary knowledge of legal doctrines created by them;

– development of book publishing on history, philosophy, spiritual and cultural heritage of peoples of Uzbekistan, promotion of such publications and their distribution in different languages;

– support aspirations of representatives of various nations and ethnic groups residing in Uzbekistan to preservation of their national and cultural identity;

– integration of the national system of education and science in the world;

– providing continuity of high civic qualities – patriotism, dedication, initiative and enterprise that are traditional for our ancestors;

– formation of spiritually rich and stable personality, self-conscious in equally both free and responsible.

– protecting youth from alien to our people ideas of “mass culture”, from information that could be harmful to the formation of spiritual and moral, values, their life and health.

The party, as a powerful source of constant reproduction in society of spiritual values considers the ethical traditions of a family, overriding principles, which have always been such traditions as respect for elders, mutual assistance, and childcare. At the same time, the party believes that strengthening of family values should take into account the demands of time, constantly changing world around us.

The party also supports, and will actively contribute to overcoming some of negative manifestations of social life of family (celebrating pompous weddings and other wasteful activities).

In general, the party believes that the spiritual and cultural, democratic development of the Uzbek nation, the entire multinational people of Uzbekistan is the key to regeneration and renewal of the whole country.

II.    Objectives of the party in reforming the judicial-legal system

The party believes that sustained movement of society towards democracy and success of democratic reforms largely depends on the level of legal awareness and legal culture of people.

In this connection, the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” as primary goal in judicial sphere sees the achievement of citizens of high legal culture, which is the foundation of a democratic society and an indicator of maturity of the legal system. From time immemorial, in our country a legal culture was considered as an integral part of general culture. Therefore, the party seeks to strengthen the mentality of people of Uzbekistan, which is traditionally characterized by respect for the law, the will of the state. We are convinced that every citizen not only has to know the laws, but also respect them, consciously follow the written requirements in their state, as respect for the law is one of the basic requirements of the rule of law, effective functioning of the political and legal system.

Taking this into account, as well as modern political and legal realities, the party considers it important to adopt the system of measures aimed at cardinal improvement of legal education and enlightenment in the country, promotion of legal knowledge in society.

Along with this, the most important priorities of the party are the introduction of proceedings of those institutions that reflect peculiarities of national traditions and customs of the Uzbek people, such noble qualities like compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and humanity. In this regard, the party considers it necessary to:

– continuation of policy for further liberalization and humanization of criminal legislation, decriminalization of certain formulations of criminal acts;

– extension of the scope of implementing the reconciliation institute on administrative offenses;

– introduction of the institute of “private” charges into the criminal legislation when the criminal case is initiated only at the request of the victim;

– development of the system of pre-trial resolution of family, inheritance, housing and other domestic disputes, including through the use of the role of makhalla taking into account the inherent to our people – desire for a peaceful resolution of all conflicts and search for compromise, as well as lack of desire to carry burdensome litigation.

IV. Objectives of the party in the sphere of economy

Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” considers the achievement of a coherent and sustainable economic development of Uzbekistan as an integrated economic strategy aimed at creating and strengthening economic foundations of the national reconstruction and development, increasing the overall potential of the country, formation of socially oriented market economy, and, ultimately, improving living standards of the population.

The rational use of mineral and natural resources, formation of a developed market infrastructure, creating big opportunities for the development of private entrepreneurship are considered by the party as an important direction of economic development of the country and ensuring its economic security.

The party considers the active promotion to the development, adoption and implementation of measures as its main tasks in the sphere the economy that are aimed at:

– further deepening liberalization of the economy, removing barriers to this process;

– continuous improvement of fiscal policy, development and implementation of practical measures on enhancing the stimulating role of financial leverage;

– increasing the cost-effectiveness of micro to the macroeconomic levels;

– improving industrial policy aimed at saturation of domestic market with qualitative and required products, strengthening the export potential of the national economy through the development of modern enterprises based on advanced forms of economic activity;

– further support of domestic producers;

– increasing the efficiency of measures on fighting against inflationary processes;

– protection of the national market from import of goods (works, services) with poor quality, inconsistent with international standards and strengthening the legal foundations of formation of a favorable investment climate;

– in-depth integration into the world economy;

– conducting uncompromising struggle against all offenses in the economic sphere.

The party also considers its priorities in the field of economy to contribute to the realization of attracting foreign investment measures, creation of joint ventures, production of competitive products through constant modernization of industrial enterprises and other sectors of the economy through the introduction of advanced technologies.

The party advocates for the gradual development of the agricultural sector, as an important component of the economy of the country. As part of further deepening market reforms in this sphere, the party will:

– contribute to educating people in respect for the earth;

– take an active part in improving legal and economic mechanisms guaranteeing careful and rational use of natural and material resources in agriculture;

– completely support the policy of accelerated development and strengthening new forms of property in the village;

– stand for further development of the system of providing services to agricultural entities, expanding the range of activities in this direction (purchase of agricultural products and its storage, providing organizational and economic assistance to subjects of the agrarian sector, development of scientific and technical and technological services in agriculture and others.);

– contribute to further industrialization of the agricultural sector, accelerating the process of convergence of social conditions of the village and the city.

The most important priority for the country’s economic potential growth is also accelerated development of small business and private entrepreneurship. In this regard, the party advocates for the implementation of targeted measures on improving and further simplifying the delivery mechanisms of legal and financial services to small businesses, strengthening their incentive role, ensuring further development of this type of entrepreneurship. The party finds it necessary to deepen ongoing efforts on identifying and addressing deficiencies that hinder the development of small business and private entrepreneurship, based on the existing legislation, using all the necessary legal mechanisms.

V. Objectives of the party in the social sphere

As a guarantee of steady growth of people’s welfare, the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” stands for an active and full participation of citizens in social and economic life of the country. Ensuring sustainable development of the economy, its further liberalization, improving people’s welfare and protecting the legitimate interests of each person is considered by the party as a reliable basis for the welfare of people and protecting the legitimate interests of each person.

In this regard, the party supports all constructive initiatives aimed at realization of these goals.

In order to ensure the steady growth of well-being of the population and increasing its income, the party will pay particular attention to:

– improving organizational and legal conditions and mechanisms of solving problems of employment of the population;

– implementation of the legislative acts regulating economic and legal relationship between employers and employees;

– improving the legal framework regulating issues related to labor migration;

– improving the system of social support for the needy segment of the population;

– rendering comprehensive support for the implementation of measures aimed at development of social infrastructure in cities and rural areas.

The party also believes that ensuring the stable growth and dynamic development of industrial and agricultural production, the economy in general, is the basis of people’s livelihood.

Party also considers the following as its important tasks in the social field:

– assistance in the development and implementation of targeted programs on health promotion of the population, as well as elimination of socially dangerous diseases (tuberculosis, etc.);

– active participation in the development and implementation of measures aimed at improving the human factor, strengthening the country’s intellectual potential through further development of the educational system and raising it to a new level, taking into account the achievements of the world;

– assistance in expansion of the legal and socio-economic conditions aimed at protection and development of intellectual property, rational use of modern achievements in science and technology;

– supporting aspirations to the creative work of gifted and enterprising members of society.

At the center of its social policy, the party puts youth. Youth – the future of the country, support and an integral part of society, which naturally comes to replace the older generation. The Party sees its objective in the direction of the potential of young people to the service of the motherland. In order to effectively solve this problem, it is needed to constantly and consistently improve conditions for self-realization of young people, in which it will safely move towards its future.

Accordingly, the party will support the draft laws that meet this requirement.

The party will take an active part in events related to the study and discussion of actual issues of youth policy, including for the development of spheres where the youth will be most in demand. The party will also be active in the fight against the spread of drug addiction among young people, on eradicating juvenile delinquency and generating its causes, other negative phenomena.

The youth policy of the party will also seek to:

– contribute to strict observance of principles of social justice in implementation by youth of their social rights and creative daring;

– support efforts on harmonious development of young people, increasing access of all categories of youth to education, labor, culture, sports, medical care and social support;

– actively help to address issues of employment of youth in all spheres of the economy;

– participate and facilitate the implementation of targeted programs and objectives, providing tax breaks, credits, loans and other economic incentives to young families for obtaining houses and other vital goods;

– contribute and participate in organization of substantial leisure of youth by expanding activities of various circles, sections and clubs on interests and involving them in the greatest possible number of young people;

– develop and implement measures on educating youth in the spirit of patriotism, based on historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of people of Uzbekistan;

– educate young people in a sense of duty, honesty, love and devotion to the Motherland, inherent in every person with high moral character.

VI. Objectives of the party in the sphere of information

Among the priorities of its activity the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” considers its active participation in development and implementation of the strategy of development of the national information and communication sphere, designed to ensure the preservation of cultural identity of the nation in the context of globalization, to create a basis for its secure information development, improving the efficiency of production and management processes. The main tasks in this sphere the party considers:

– providing high-level access of the population, especially in rural areas, to information, introduction of modern information and communication technologies, in particular through the formation of a single national information space;

– within the framework of solving problems of ensuring national information security, modernization of broadcasting system, expansion of an area of coverage of the national television and radio programs in the entire telecom space and, above all, in the most remote regions of the country;

– realization of additional measures ensuring progressive development of the national information space, further government support for the National Broadcasting Company, increasing efficient use of high-tech TV and radio;

– creating creative, information environment for youth development, protection of children from information harmful to their physical, spiritual and moral development;

– development of national information systems and national information resources, integrating inter-departmental and departmental information systems, in particular the development of the national segment of the Internet;

– improving the system of providing state guarantees, compliance, protection of constitutional human and civil rights in the sphere of information, freedom of expression and information, development of independent national mass media, national journalism, and others;

– augmenting contribution of the mass media in formation of national idea, widespread approval in the mind, the spiritual world of each person of our main goal – to build a free and prosperous life in the country;

– support talented journalists, with a sense of civic responsibility, professional desire to always go with times, boldly raise the most actual problems, pay attention to them by the general public, who can devote themselves to the future of the motherland, strengthening in our lives of principles of human rights and freedoms, justice and truth;

– formation of “transparency index” system for monitoring the activities of the state governing bodies and administration, greater involvement of civil society institutions in this process.

VII. Objectives of the party in foreign political sphere

The Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” comes from the fact that the foreign policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the first days of independence was based on the principles of priority of the national interests, non-interference in internal affairs of other states, resolution of all disputes by peaceful means, the sovereign equality of states, non-use of force or threat of force, inviolability of borders and strict compliance with other norms of international law.

The party is deeply aware that implementation of the main goals and objectives of foreign policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan is provided today in difficult conditions of preserving security and stability threats.

The Party supports and will actively participate in implementation of the country’s foreign policy, aimed at:

– solid defending of national interests;

– wide propaganda of achievements in culture and art of people of Uzbekistan, formation of a positive image of the country in the international arena;

– providing full protection of the rights and interests of citizens and legal entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad;

– in-depth mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries in the economic, political and humanitarian spheres;

– providing regional, global security, which is essential for sustainable social and economic development of the country;

– active participation of Uzbekistan in the United Nations’ activities, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and other international organizations, integration into the Asian, European and world structures of security, economic and humanitarian cooperation.

– strengthening the international image of the country as a reliable, responsible political and trade-economic partner.

The party believes that the Republic of Uzbekistan shall continue to actively participate in international and intergovernmental entities in order to prevent and resolve conflicts in the Central Asian region and beyond.

The party is confident that the main and enduring objective of foreign policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan is to ensure the highest interests of the state, the people, their well-being and security.